JVD Lifestyle Sommelier Wine Chiller and Fridge with Dual Zone Temperature Control

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Working with international luxury hotels globally for more than 30 years now, JVD now extends its French touch beyond the hospitality industry and into our daily lives. JVD introduces innovative and smart designer products that enhances well-being and comfort to our homes. Adorn your living spaces and lifestyle now with the French Touch.

JVD products are present in the everyday life of millions. Away from home, at work or on holiday, on the road, at the station, the hotel, in a restaurant, JVD products fit public spaces and customise hotel rooms. The heart of our business is to think confort for all, everywhere, at all times. For more than 35 years, we drew inspiration from our close link to our clients. We are proud to be a company that knows how to listen, that moves forwards and re-evaluates, invests in innovation and the modernisation of our activity, in order to provide the best service. Our strenght lies in a diverse team, with a presence on three continents. We’re men and women from different backgrounds and cultures, and we’re joined by common values of respect and a optimistic confidence in the future.

We focus our energy and creativity at the service of hygiene and hospitality professionals. We imagine innovative solutions to improve everywhere the quality of service they can provide, to increase customer satisfaction, to ease the work of cleaning staff and hotel managers alike, and to ensure absolute satisfaction for users of our accessories. Today, we go further and define a new meaning for cleanliness. In 2019, we launched Hygiaconnect, the world‘s first Smart Cleaning solution for facility management. We’re opening a new an revolutionary dimension for hygiene professionals: let’s enter together the Smart Cleaning era and transform together the future of hygiene.

JVD Sommelier Wine Chiller and Fridge with Dual Zone Temperature Control

Unsure if you should get a wine chiller or a mini fridge? JVD’s latest innovation Sommelier 70L Wine Chiller Fridge will be your perfect solution. This space saving solution boasts having a 25L 8 bottle wine chiller compartment and a 45L mini fridge capacity. A single power point to serve 2 needs. Preserve the fine quality of your favourite wine bottles under the ideal wine storage temperature conditions and chill the rest of your chocolates, refreshments, fruits in the mini fridge compartment below.