JVD Lifestyle 12 Bottle Compressor Wine Chiller

JVD Lifestyle 12 Bottle Compressor Wine Chiller, 34 litres

With the smallest footprint ever, JVD Lifestyle 12 Bottle Wine chiller allows bigger capacity storage of wine bottles even when the usable floor space is small. With compressor cooling, the wine chiller has a cooling performance of 5°C to 18°C and is able to store a variety of red and white wines and even champagne bottles. This slim and sleek wine chiller protects and preserve the quality of your precious wine and champagne against the hot and humid environment in Singapore.

Capacity: 34L

Digital Temperature Control: 5°C to 18°C

Shelves: Aluminium

Cooling system: Compressor

Dimensions: Height: 792mm, Width: 252mm, Depth: 450mm

Black Body and Interior

Temperature Lock Feature