In 1983 Kannegiesser introduced the complete ironer line made from a single source – complete with feeder, ironer and folder.  This simple but ingenious action ended an era, in which ironers and ancillary machines were manufactured by different companies and operated separately.


Through continued close interaction with many laundries and a further development of structural and technological changes, Kannegiesser arrived at the conclusion of viewing laundry operations as a series of complete systems. This revolutionary view brought the company to the forefront of manufacturing complete complex systems in an industrial laundry application.


After The Wall separating East and West Germany had come down, in 1990 Kannegiesser was able to acquire the successful Textima Company in Aue, Sachsen, which had been providing ironers for the entire Eastern bloc.  This powerful ironer manufacturer was transformed into today’s Kannegiesser Aue GmbH, manufacturing today the complete line of Kannegiesser Ironers.


In 1996, Kleindienst Wäschereitechnik GmbH, located in Augsburg (Bavaria) was acquired. This company, now fully integrated into the Kannegiesser company group, manufactures highly specialized transport technology for garment systems.


In 1998 both Passat and Pharmagg formally joined the Kannegiesser family.


Until the end of the 1980’s, Passat was one of the worldwide leaders in laundry machinery manufacturing, originator of modern dryer technology and a pioneer of successful washing system concepts such as the Poensgen-PWZ and Voss Archimedia.  No other continuous batch washer manufacturer has more worldwide installations than Passat.


In 2005 Kannegiesser took over 100% of the business shares of the British company Ducker Engineering Limited.  With this purchase, the UK manufacturing cities of Kendal and Banbury were integrated with the Kannegiesser Family.


As of today, Kannegiesser offers its customers the complete range of industrial laundry technology and is perceived as a partner with our customers and the undisputed Leader in Laundry Technology.

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