For many generations the Weber family has had its heart in clothes hangers. It all began in 1868 in Brandau, a town in the Ore Mountains, where Josef Weber made the celebrated wooden toys. When he took over the company, Anton Weber, his son, specialized in the production of hay carts and some fifty years later the company began manufacturing clothes hangers. At the beginning of the 1960s, in order to meet the needs of the marked, they added plastic clothes hangers to the product range. Demand increased rapidly and, providing work for around 140 people, Weber had soon become any important employer in the region. The passion for clothes hangers and the expert knowledge built up over decades help to guarantee quality and at the same time to develop new innovations. Over the years measures designed to modernize and rationalize the business enabled Rudolf Weber KG to open new markets in Europe and overseas. Many of the products in their established range of well in excess of 10,000 different types made from wood, plastic and metal are supplied to customers all over the world.

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