Keltech Incorporated is the recognized leader in commercial & industrial-grade electric tankless hot water systems.

Founded in 1987, Keltech Incorporated has a rich engineering-driven history. Beginning with a single patented residential model, 25+ years and 80+ patents later, Keltech heaters are the most reliable, and most efficient tankless water heaters in the industry. A diverse customer base includes 3M Company, Georgia Pacific, Dow Corning, GE Power and The United States Navy.

Design. Engineering. Value.

Keltech offers a product line with an extensive range of applications including commercial, light and large industrial heating applications as well as safety showers and emergency eyewashes. Our engineers will also design custom solutions for unique applications.

Keltech, located in Delton, Michigan, became a subsidiary of Bradley Corporation in 2013. For more than 90 years, Bradley Corporation has manufactured commercial safety, water tempering, and washroom products. Today, Bradley's combined companies are the industry's most comprehensive source for plumbing fixtures, tankless water heaters, washroom accessories, partitions, emergency fixtures, and plastic lockers.

With a combined 115+ year history of manufacturing innovation, Keltech and Bradley provide knowledge, experience and products of unmatched quality and durability. That is why customers return again and again when upgrading or expanding. That is why customers are confident they have chosen the best.