JVD Lifestyle Battery Operated Curate Wine Bottle Opener

JVD Battery Operated Curate Wine Bottle Opener (5-in-1 Gift Set)– includes Bottle Opener, Foil Cutter, Aerator & Stopper

JVD’s Curate Wine Bottle Opener is a wine lover’s and connoisseur’s dream come true. Comes with a display stand to showcase all wine opening accessories, the Curate is perfect for the connoisseur in you for all celebratory events.

Remove the cork of wine bottles in 7 seconds by simply pressing the bottom arrow and top arrow automatically without breaking the cork. Loaded with fully powered batteries, the wine opener can open approximately 100 bottles of wine without a fuss.

The foil cutter easily opens the foil of the bottle with a twist.

The wine aerator serves also as a pourer allows the wine to be well-aerated before serve.

Save up to 2 bottles of your favourite wine with the 2 wine stoppers that comes with every Curate Set.

Preserve the quality of the wine for a longer period of time and let them not go to waste.

A Perfect Gift for Birthdays, Christmas and all celebratory events!