ICONIC Plus top open

Aesthetic, Stylish & Functional
The Iconic Plus top open safe  from JVD is yet another testimony of JVD continuous development in good technology and  new techniques  to further  enhance  the  pleasure  and safety of in-room security.

The Iconic Plus safes  are  powered  by the  most  advance electronic system  engineered  to provide maximum security and convenient usage. Luxuriously designed that include LED push button keypad, it offers style and function, fit for even the most discerning users.

Like all JVD safes, the JVD Iconic Plus top open safe is user- friendly and easy-to-manage with JVD proprietary Logger Unit. The Logger unit is menu-driven; no ‘guesswork’, no complicated procedures when performing emergency openings. It is non-volatile and does not require  charging. It performs audit trail and it is essentially a Complete System. By connecting  the  Logger Unit to the  safe,  it immediately provides external power to an otherwise  lock safe  (with no battery power).

General Specification
•Code locking (4 to 6 digits)
•Power : 4 x 1.5V AA cells
•20mm diameter double bolts lock
•Anti-tamper labyrinth
•Push button lighted keypad, LED display
•Inside  light using advanced LED strip double light
•Buzzer  on buttons and functions
•Non-volatile memory system
•Mechanical override available
•Electronic  override by Prolog Unit
•Security lock-out after 4 failed attempts
•Lock-out of 15 minutes
•Audit trail of last 200 past events
•Internal outlet charging - optional
•Standard colors: Black, White
•Fastening: 4 bolts at base