STROHhalm Wheat Straw


It is time for straws to be what they were again.

Our real straws are not just another alternative to plastic drinking straws, they are the original!

Real straws are grown naturally, namely as a wheat plant. After harvesting the grain, the remaining stems are processed into straws: they are cut, sorted, peeled and gently sterilized with hot water.

After use, they are 100% compostable as garden waste and are returned to the natural cycle. New grows from old. Real straws are therefore a purely organic product that does not have to be manufactured artificially.

Real straws do not need a coating or an adhesive, because they are naturally waterproof and do not soften at all. This makes them ideal for cold drinks.

The stalks do not contain gluten!

Every straw is unique, looks great and tastes natural. A surprising and extraordinary drinking experience.